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Did you know that you could also help to save the lives of people needing transplants by donating Real Estate to MatchingDonors? By doing this you can also get great tax benefits. Press here to see more information. You can also see some of the properties donated to us that we have for sale.

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Hi Everyone,

See below another great story that NBC'S TODAY SHOW recently done by Natalie Morales about The patient Michael Cleaves received his transplant within only 93 days of registering on


TV LAND and Raise Awareness for Organ Donation With Hot in Cleveland. has many product placements on TV, radio, books and movies.


We now have currently over 14743 available registered altruistic potential organ donors and 3700 available registered altruistic paired exchange organ donors registered on, and we get many new ones just about EVERYDAY!

If you are a donor match after a blood test, please call us ASAP Paul at 781-821-2204 ext #1 so we can help you with trying to get free airfare, hotels and other benefits for the patient, donor and their support. 

If you are interested in joining as a patient feel free to give our membership department a call at 781-821-2204 ext # 2. they would be happy to give you many references to call of our patients and donors that had surgeries through



Tom Brady Saves more lives through Press here to hear the radio interview.

__________________________________________________________________________________ has been chosen, from over 1.5 million non profits, as one of the only two non profits of choice to be honored at the Hollywood Film Awards, in Beverly Hills. .The Founders of the Hollywood Film Awards® and the Hollywood Film Festival® - Carlos de Ab rea and his lovely wife Janice Pennington, and Dick Clark Productions have been very generous supporters of and their efforts have helped raised a lot of money for and have saved many lives. Among other prizes, the winner of the Video Contest attend the Hollywood Awards Gala ®.

Press here to see stories about on®

Press here to see last year's's video contest, our winners and our Illustrious Hollywood judges.

Press here to see our Multi-Million Dollar Public Service Announcement campaign that is currently running on many television networks, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites.


Do you need more donors or transplant patients for your transplant center? We have thousands of them them for you. The newly launched Living Donor Acquisition Program has already generated many surgeries worth millions of dollars in production to transplant centers, hospitals and practices.

If you are transplant doctor or represent a transplant center that wishes to receive our donors and patients needing a transplant center please call 1-800-385-0422 ext # 1. We will help you register your transplant center.

If you are a patient or donor that needs to find a transplant center or wants a second opinion please call our membership department at 800-385-0422 ext # 2 so we can help you find a pre screened transplant center that takes part in our lead program.

If you are a donor that needs to get tested for a patient on please call our membership department at 800-385-0422 ext # 2 so we can help you find a pre screened hospital that can get your testing done quickly and efficiently.


See our the newest Public Service Announcement (PSA) Commercials below. These are some of the many commercials that are part of our multi-million dollar PSA advertising campaign that are currently being shown on television, radio and in print. Starting with the Super Bowl now has a national television, radio, newspaper, magazine and billboard advertising campaign with many celebrity endorsements.  The celebrities are from, movies, television, sports, politics and the music industry.

Also, the winning video below of our Commercial Video Contest - where the winner goes to the Hollywood Awards with the team- is also being shown on many television networks.



Listen to our newest radio commercials below from of our volunteers who are prestigious radio personalities. These commercials are being played on various radio stations throughout the country.

Jordan Rich is a National Radio Personality on CBS Radio based in Boston. Listen to Jordan's radio commercials by pressing on the links below.

Olivia Fox is a seasoned on air radio personality, Founder and President of NAPKC - The National Association of Preventive Kidney Care and Counseling. Listen to Olivia's's radio commercial by pressing on the link below.

Kirk Tanter is the Washington D.C. Radio One News-Talk Network’s Operations Supervisor. Listen to Kirk's's radio commercial by pressing on the link below.


See our newest newspaper, magazine and print advertisements by pressing below.


We at would like to thank Jon Bon Jovi and Endrick LeKay for the great job they just did on their "Superman Tonight" music video, showing's donor Endrick holding up a sign saying "I gave a complete stranger my kidney." and for all the other things Jon Bon Jovi and Endrick have in the works for In the next few months Endrick will also be donating a portion of his liver to a woman he found on See the Superman Tonight video here .

__________________________________________________________________________________ Paired Kidney Exchange Program.

Besides having the world's largest database of registered altruistic organ donors, now has the world’s largest database of available altruistic donors willing to take part in an incompatible paired kidney exchange. There are currently over 14,000 registered Potential Donors on willing to be altruistic incompatible donors. has also been involved in a number of "Kidney Chains" including one with UNOS the United Network For Organ Sharing and New England Program for Kidney Exchange.


Click here to see the story on in HD

Press here to listen to a great National Radio hour and 30 minutes interview with the team at, and many of its success stories on the Jim Bohanon Show..

Heroes on a Mission

We would like to thank all of our many law enforcement volunteers who are checking out donors on has many local, state and federal law enforcement officials who are registered on with real and phony profiles looking for unscrupulous donors.

 Thank you Bob. 

Bob's efforts to help our patients and donors never stop.  We are extremely proud of Bob and all he has done.  Here's Bob's most recent picture- he looks great! Bob's advocacy has been personally responsible for saving the lives of a number of our patients.

On October 20, 2004 Bob Hickey was the first patient transplanted on His unselfish efforts in assisting all of our patients and fighting for their rights has made him a Hero to all of us. Any patient can always feel free to contact  Bob and ask for his input and experience.    You can contact him through his Facebook page at .