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See our newest television public service commercial below. This commercial is the winner of our Hollywood Awards- Commercial Video Contest and is being shown on many television networks.

  • TELEVISION PSA: This is the 30 second television PSA commercial available by download below where anyone can download the spot with or without bars and tone. This link never expires.


Listen to our newest radio commercials below from of our volunteers who are prestigious radio personalities. These commercials are being played on various radio stations throughout the country.

RADIO PSAS: 30 second radio PSAs are available by download at

Jordan Rich is a National Radio Personality on CBS Radio based in Boston. Listen to Jordan's's radio commercials by pressing on the links below.

Olivia Fox is a seasoned on air radio personality, Founder and President of NAPKC - The National Association of Preventive Kidney Care and Counseling. Listen to Olivia's's radio commercial by pressing on the link below.

Kirk Tanter is the Washington D.C. Radio One News-Talk Network's Operations Supervisor. Listen to Kirk's's radio commercial by pressing on the link below.

See our newest newspaper, magazine and print advertisements by pressing below

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