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There are currently 15206 registered Potential Donors on

There are also currently 3992 registered Potential Donors willing to be incompatible donors in paired exchanges or chains.

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MatchingDonors Traffic, Advertising, and Visitors is America’s source for patients looking for living altruistic organ donors. Established in 2004 and updated daily,’s website now gets about 1,500,000 hits per month.  MatchingDonors has the largest potential living organ donor database in the world; there are over 12,000 registered altruistic donors looking to donate an organ to patients needing organ transplants. We have over 560 patients currently seeking donor. We have had over 275 surgeries facilitated through, and have over 12,000 registered altruistic donors willing to donate an organ.

MATCHINGDONORS PAIRED KIDNEY EXCHANGE PROGRAM. also now has the world’s largest database of available altruistic donors willing to take part in an incompatible paired kidney exchange.

On average new patients and potential donors register on MatchingDonors daily. Only in our 9th year of existence our numbers are growing exponentially and the potential for success is unlimited. MatchingDonors is recommended by many doctors across the United States, including some of the most prestigious transplant surgeons and centers.

MatchingDonors is also a source for the Professional Transplant Community

MatchingDonor’s services are well established and entrenched in the transplant/dialysis/nephrology community. Besides going out to our tens of thousands of patients and donors our weekly newsletter goes out to tens of thousands of transplant nurses, transplant coordinators, dialysis staff members and transplant surgeons.’s intensive Public Relations campaign results in the website being shown on some of the most popular media and news in the world, along with local news stations and thousands of other articles in newspapers. By default this also shows any advertisement on the page that the media is showing- greatly increasing the visibility of your advertisement on  A short list of some of the many places that have done profiles on include:   The TODAY SHOW on NBC, People Magazine, ABC, NBC and CBS News, NightLine, CNN, CSPAN, FOX News, the Discovery Channel, CBS News Sunday Morning, Sabado Gigante, Univision, Telemundo, New York Times, Washington Post, USA TODAY, Anderson Cooper 360.  If your ad is on the page they show when showing parts of the site then can you imagine the exposure for you?    

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Advertising on the website is very economical. MatchingDonors has no mailing costs or printing costs and passes these savings onto our advertisers. MatchingDonors can provide a variety of services including products advertising, branding, instant press releases, recruiting, and “infomercial” article publishing. Ads and press releases can be placed on MatchingDonors on a same-day basis.

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You decide the topic, location, ailment, search result etc.. You get your brand right to the people you most want to talk to. So put us to work to create a custom branding solution that delivers the perfect audience and environment for your marketing message. It'll be one of the smartest investments you ever make. Besides the advertising opportunities mentioned below we can also customize and quote any other type of advertising on our site or to our audience, custom professional designing of your advertisements is also available. Call us for custom pricing.

Exposure and Referrals

MatchingDonors advertising familiarizes the transplant/dialysis community with your product, increases your name recognition and helps establish your “brand”. MatchingDonor’s standard long-running ads act as a permanent resource for the transplant/dialysis community.

MatchingDonor’s advertisers may find that MatchingDonors is the source of majority of referred hits from other web sites. Many of our linked pages may provide a steady baseline of referred hits. Advertisers also may observe a spike of referred hits on days when they are featured in the Daily hints or other home page promotions.

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