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There are currently 15178 registered Potential Donors on

There are also currently 3980 registered Potential Donors willing to be incompatible donors in paired exchanges or chains.

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When your name is placed on the national organ transplant waiting list you are one of over 80,000 people hoping that an organ will become available in time to improve your health or even save your life. This list is unfortunately growing faster than the number of transplants performed each year. has been created in a response to the growing number of people willing to become living organ donors. There has been a marked increase in living organ donations to relatives as well as strangers. is your way of actively pursuing an organ transplant placing your biography on the internet which will then be aggressively publicized through a professional public relations campaign.'s goal is to bring you closer to a much needed organ transplant through contact with a potential live organ donor. The fact that you are reading this web page right now is a testament to's ability to reach people!

Please remember that even if you need an organ transplant you may also become a living donor...potential organ recipients can contact each other.

It is absolutely against the law to have any financial benefit from organ donation. If you are paid, or request to be paid, for any transplant you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

There is a potential for complications for this type of surgery. Anyone interested in being an organ donor should contact their physician prior to matching.

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