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Recently we suffered the loss of our dear friend Tom Martinez. He was one of the greatest people that ever walked this earth. Tom became a good friend of ours, like he was to thousands of other people. He just didn’t touch your life; he became part of the rest of your life. Every time you talked to him, you carried away something that you would never forget- his friendship. He was one of the greatest men you will ever come across in your lifetime. He was someone who loved his family more than anything in this world, loved his friends, loved life and the prospect of tomorrow, and always had a funny anecdote to show it.

Three weeks before his untimely death Tom created the Tom Martinez Goal Line Fund to help those people needing organ transplants through Tom said “I’m thrilled that even if I can’t be saved at least the donors and awareness we brought to will save many other lives".

If you would like to contribute to The Tom Martinez Goal Line Fund or if you would like contribute to the Fund, please scroll down to complete the form below or contact our Charitable Donation Department at (781) 821-2204 ext.7, or you can send a check to:, 766 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021.

Thank you for helping keeping Tom’s mission alive to help others cross the goal line and score the gift of life. We love you Tom and we’ll miss you.

Press on the picture below see the full length video of Tom's beautiful Funeral. This is a high quality video so please allow about two minutes to upload, depending on the speed of your connection.

Press on the pictures below to see Tom Martinez as ABC's Person of The Week, great story about Tom on CBS Sports.




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You can also mail us at :, 766 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021

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